Phishing Threat Trends Report

Cybercrime has never been more prominent and dangerous.

The evolution of sophisticated phishing emails continues to pose a major threat to organizations, emphasizing the need to enhance defenses to prevent attacks. For cybersecurity leaders committed to protecting their organizations, staying informed about the latest phishing threats is paramount.In this report, Egress' VP of Threat Intelligence, Jack Chapman, examines the top threat trends in email security and offers a...

Email Security Risk Report

Organizations are vulnerable. They’re hit by successful phishing attacks, and they’re exposed to data loss caused by human error and data exfiltration from risky and malicious behavior.

93% of surveyed organizations experienced email security incidents in their Microsoft 365 environments last year. Consequently, concerns about email security are growing. Complete the form to the right to download your copy now for analysis of the risks organizations face and the effectiveness of the...

Ultimate Guide to Implementing Digital Workspaces with HP Anyware


In recent years, businesses have adopted digital workspaces to enable a seamless and productive hybrid work experience. As a result, chief information officers (CIOs) and ITDMs have had to pivot strategies to select, deploy and manage secure, scalable digital workspace software. This e-guide explores essential aspects and the key considerations of digital workspace planning, infrastructure, and security, offering valuable insights for CIOs and ITDMs

4 Key...

How to Create Secure, Collaborative and Productive Digital Workspaces Whitepaper, powered by HP

Overview:The workplace has changed significantly over the past few years with the rapid adoption of hybrid work. Organizations across all industries can leverage digital workspaces to implement hybrid work models that (1) provide employees with a superior user experience, (2) meet security, productivity and employee satisfaction goals for the business, and (3) are manageable for IT.

4 Key Takeaways:

How to Deploy Digital Workspaces & Address Hybrid Challenges Adding...

Closing the Information Gap – How an Answer Engine® multiplies the value of your infrastructure and people investments

This whitepaper delves into the pressing need for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to optimise their IT investments, with a strong focus on operational excellence and business intelligence (BI). It addresses the information gap that plagues organisations and introduces "Lucy," an answer engine. The paper also examines the challenges in BI, generative AI, and the decision between building or purchasing solutions, highlighting Lucy's value in simplifying intricate data...

On-Demand Webinar – From pretexting to payloads and everything in between: The latest phishing threat trends in 2023

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About the webinar:

With phishing attacks continuing to increase in sophistication and volume, we're putting our fingers on the pulse of threat trends in 2023. Watch this webinar recording for analysis of and insight into:

● The latest findings from the Egress Phishing Threats Pulse report● A step-by-step walkthrough of an advanced phishing attack● Enhancing...

On-Demand Webinar – Secure Backup in the Cloud: Unlocking 5 Keys to Success

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About the webinar:

With 85% of companies suffering at least one ransomware attack in the last 12 months, the need for secure backup for reliable response and recovery has never been more important. Despite this, vulnerability is still prevalent with almost 50% of all workloads now hosted on the public cloud; 95% of organizations are moderately or extremely concerned about...

2023 Cloud Protection Trends Whitepaper

This whitepaper will explore strategies for protecting IaaS, SaaS and PaaS (including BaaS and DRaaS). Key takeaways:

Hybrid IT = fluid movement to AND from cloud hosts Cloud-hosted file shares and databases Several teams affect data protection strategy, but backups are backups Debunking the myths of backing up M365 services Why BaaS or DRaaS? The journey to cloud-powered protection

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#1 Hybrid Cloud Backup Guide

Regardless of what the cloud looks like for your organization, Veeam® Platform delivers the #1 hybrid cloud backup solution that allows you to own your data on any cloud.

Read this guide to learn about a cloud solution that offers:

*Broad, native support for any environment*Centralized management to eliminate point products*Cloud mobility and control to avoid platform lock in*Modular flexibility that adapts when you need it to"

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On-Demand Webinar ‘Own Your Data. Any Cloud: Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Backup’

About the Webinar

The hybrid and multi cloud are here to stay.

Whether you’re an SMB, enterprise, public sector or anything‑in‑between organization, you likely fall in the 92% of businesses that are hybrid. While hybrid cloud delivers a multitude of benefits for business, it also comes with its share of challenges and complexities for backup, including ownership and control over YOUR data.

Watch our Veeam® hybrid cloud backup experts in this recorded webinar to...