I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2088

Just like that, Azul swung his sword with his right hand to block David's attack while he used his left
hand to cast the Feather family's innate skill to slowly engulf the red sword light.

David's surprise attack was perfectly resolved in such a hasty situation.

This demonstrated that Azul was indeed from the Feather family of the level 9 civilization.

Even after sleeping for more than a million years, his strength was still unparalleled after he had just
woken up.

David summoned two clones, yet Azul could still fend off a total of three partial Pre-Deities, including
David’s main form.

Although he was injured, it was not fatal.

Azul liked to brag because of his personality.

However, with such strength, he could indeed be regarded as Leila's top genius.

Azul, who temporarily resolved the crisis,novelebook.com did not relax at all.

There was a burning pain on his back as the blow just now had done a lot of damage.

Only Azul knew how dangerous it was to fight against three partial Pre-Deities alone.

If he did not pay attention, he would be seriously injured and then he would be killed.

Therefore, he must find a way to escape as soon as possible.

If he could get out of the battle and escape from the trio’s assault, they would not be able to catch up
with him.

Once he managed to escape, he would be free in this boundless universe.

When he returned to Leila, he would bring the strong family members with him to avenge the grievance
he had suffered today.

Azul hated David so much that his teeth itched.

He never thought that he would have to face such a desperate situation after he had just woken up.

He thought that surviving a catastrophe would bring him good fortune, and now it would be the time for
him to make great achievements.

However, he had fallen into a crisis before he could even start.

‘There are three partial Pre-Deities hidden in a level 7 civilization.

‘Could the very heavens be targeting me?

‘I’ve encountered a nearly impossible event.’

Azul fought back the urge to curse.

When the two swords collided, the owners of the swords were naturally near to one another.

David looked at Azul, who was close at hand, and a smirk appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He intended to kill, so he would no longer have any hesitation.

David held the sword in his right hand while he raised his left fist and punched Azul's face.

It seemed like a simple punch, but it was laced with Divine Power.

Azul's hands were restrained, so he had no way to block the punch.

However, he seemed to have been prepared for it.

Two beams of Blue Light shot out from the eyes.

The Blue Light was obviously weird, so David did not want to take it head on.

However, at such a close distance, it was too late to dodge.

The two collided and the Blue Light directly wrapped around David’s fist.


David noticed something was wrong.

The Blue Light was not very powerful, but it seemed to be devouring his energy.

Therefore, David hastily withdrew his fist to try to shake off the Blue Light, but it did not work.
novelebook.comThe Blue Light was still tightly wrapped around his left hand like a maggot attached to
the bone. At the same time, it became tighter and tighter.

‘This is outrageous!’

David concentrated the Divine Power on his fist, and with a sudden shock, the Blue Light was finally
shaken away.

It seemed that only the Divine Power could restrain the Blue Light, but not the Saint Power.

Azul did not expect David to undo his innate skill so quickly.

He thought it would cause David a little more trouble.

Indeed, none of the partial Pre-Deities were easy to deal with.

It was the same even in this small level 7 civilization.

The red sword light was almost completely engulfed by Azul, so he would be able to free his left hand

Even though it was not enough to resolve all of his problems right now, he would be able to mitigate his
suffering when facing David.

At this critical moment, another small space crack appeared quietly behind Azul without any warning.

Then, a hand stretched out from the space crack.

“Air Crushing Slap!”

A voice came from the crack. Immediately after, a palm touched Azul’s back.

David's third clone had taken action.

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